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Checking Your Lights

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 |Maguire Automotive

Fall is here and that means it's going to start getting darker earlier. Days are shorter and nights are longer. With holiday travel in there near future, it's a good idea to make sure you vehicle's lights are working properly. Lights are an important aspect of driving safely, if you can't see the chances of getting into an accident increase. Use the following tips to ensure you stay safe this fall:

  • Keep your headlights, tail lights, and signal lights clean. Dirt and dead bugs can dim lights and make them harder to see by other drivers.
  • Make sure your headlights are in the proper position. Headlights that are misaimed can blind other drivers and reduce visibility.
  • Lights give you better visibility and help other drivers see you whether it's day or night. So when in doubt turn your lights on. It's even suggested that you keep them on any time you drive.

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