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826 Matsonford Rd
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2013 ruby red Ford Fiesta

I just wanted to say that I was so pleased with the service I got at Maguire Automotive Cynthia who I spoke to on the phone with so nice to me and it was such a pleasure to deal with her even in person when I got there and the owner such a nice guy he was so nice he even filed me home in the vehicle that I bought the Ford Fiesta to get it back to my home six or seven miles away where I wrote him back to his place in my other vehicle but he was nice enough to help me get that home and they change the wipers do an inspection through the oil and get it details on other vehicles I highly recommend contacting them if you're interested in a used vehicle which this one looks brand new one owner carfax report I'm so pleased I really feel like I got a gem so this is October 25th 2019 I could not go without giving a great review.

Cynthia my savior!!!

Today I got a call from my son that he had a flat tire down near your shop. He's 21 and has no idea how to change a flat. I am an hour and a half away so there was no way i could help him. I called a few garages in the area. No one could help me. Until I called Maguire's Automotive, Cynthia answered the phone and couldn't have been nicer. She sent a guy right over to help him change the flat. Unbelievable!!! I am also in the car business and I know how difficult your job can be. Like she said on the phone, "there are still good people in the world." Thank You, Cynthia!!!

Honesty and integrity

i was shopoing online for a used accord ,came across this dealership in Pa, called them , they had priced the vehicle to sell, test drovwe the vehicle and it was solid . The vehicle needed some detailing but which was taken care of before i could buy it. i was running late feom work and he waited for me a lil past the closibg hrs so i could get there from out of state ,have had it since then and i like the whole experience. it might look like a humble business setting but it is solid , legit and full of integrity. Proving the saying , "the best gifts do not come wrapped in fancy wrapping paper.!"

Great Customer Service and Great People!

My son was looking for a reliable car to get him back and forth to school and he found one here through Car Gurus. I'm very skeptical of used car dealers but Cynthia and Marc put me at ease with their open and honest attitude. They welcomed me to look the cars over inside and out with a fine tooth comb; Marc even encouraged me to have my own mechanic look it over. There was no pressure and no funny business and they even offered me a Military Discount for my service. Cynthia was a real professional and got the paperwork done in record time and had us out the door and on our way home. Marc was a great gentleman to do business with and he stands behind the cars he sells. I would happily come back here for my next vehicle purchase and I would gladly recommend Maguire Automotive.

Great Dealership! Down to earth and transparent

After our teen son's hard-earned, self-bought car bit the dust with a transmission problem, we decided a better, more reliable car was needed and I began to search the internet. A listing brought me to Maguire Automotive and a phone call introduced me to Marc Grossman. I was initially impressed with his candor and character over the phone, enough so to drive nearly an hour to check out his cars. This dealership fulfills a niche that is so needed and hard to find: solid, safe, reliable, clean cars for an inexpensive price. I was very impressed with Marc in person and how he treated us with the desire to find what was best for our son. Our son found his dream car, one with low mileage and a great price. An hour after stopping in, we were rolling out with his new car! Thank you for providing a dealership where hard working teens and adults can afford the cars! I highly recommend this dealership and Marc!

Amazing Dealership. Staff very welcoming!

My experience from buying a car here was nothing less then amazing. It started with an email from me in which within 2 to 5 minutes of each email I sent, a reply came back. I was already impressed with the service of this dealership from this alone. When I arrived I was greeted quickly then shown the car I wanted. After looking over the car and being very happy with it I was taken to the offices to sign the paper work to get me into that car. It was quick and professional getting the paper work done, then as I left they extended their hand to let me know a faster way back to West Chester pa then I knew. This was a perfect way to drive the car I just bought home for the first time You guys are amazing and I will let everyone who is looking for a car know about my experience. Thank you again!!

Great Experience

Over the past few months we purchased two cars from Alex for our son. Our experience could not have been better. Everyone there was straighforward, nice and really seemed to want to actually help us. I pointed out a few issues with the first car we bought and they fixed them before delivery. We had to take it back for a problem and they fixed that too - they encouraged us to bring it back. Now, of course we are not talking new cars here. But they made sure everything was in good working order and we came out happy and feeling good about the purchases. Will only purchase from them in the future. Actually my son's car runs so well I am wondering why I bought a 10 year newer car for myself. Used cars aren't like they were when I was a kid. I think if you get the right one it can be a nice ride.

Best Used Car buying experience

After doing quite a bit of online comparisons I found the best price at Maguire. Buying experience was smooth, and it was a no pressure experience- just what I usually dread. I would recommend!

Great service

I wasn’t able to make it down to the dealership in the near future so Alex had the car sent to me. He and Bill were very easy to deal with. Did most of the work over the phone. Straightforward deal and the car was a great value. Thanks guys!!!

A great experience

Alex Saulinas was a great help in purchasing our Toyota Tundra today, he’s a top notch salesman and an asset to the business!

Thank You, Alex!

I want to give a huge shoutout to our seller, Alex. He was very thorough and helped us find a loan that wasn’t crazy. We now have a car that is clean, reliable, and I’m so in love! 5/5, I would recommend Maguire.

We drove over a hour to buy my new car from Alex. Him and Bobby were hands down the nicest guys and made the experience of car buy so simple. They even put the car up on the lift so my boyfriend (who is a mechanic and ask if they would) could check out underneath the car. Most places will not allow you to do that. They definitely arent your typical car salesmen. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks guys I absolutely love my new VW!

Volvo XC90

The Maguire automotive family if filled with love and honesty. Great customer service and no pressure to buy anycars. They stand behind their products and I love my car!!! Looking forward to servicing my car with them for a long time .

Great experience

I bought a Honda Accord here. A salesperson named Alex was able to help me out he worked out a deal in my budget. Also let me take the car to a mechanic before I bought it. And I’m very happy with my purchase. It was a great experience here!!

Great Service

Used car shopping can be stressfull. I really appreciated Alex. He answered all my emails and questions about the Toyota Rav 4 I was interested in buying. In person Alex was patient and helpful. I felt totally comfortable. The customer service is reliable, courteous and pleasant. They followed through with everything. I love my new to me car. Took it to my mechanic and got the all clear. Its a great 2nd car for a football mom. Thanks Alex!

Found a nice car at Maguire

After looking for a used car for about a month my hopes of finding a good condition car at the right price was looking impossible. Then a stumbled on to Maguire Automotive. Nice people that actually want to sell you a car. Painless transaction. Thanks Maguire!!


Great service & nice people


Jose said the staff at this business were very professional and did a good job.


Jose said the staff at this business were very professional and did a good job.


Spoke with Lena's husband. He said the personnel he dealt with during his visit to this facility were professional, courteous, up-front, to the point and all around good business people.


Amazing service


Christopher said the staff were all very nice. His check engine light was on. After the oil change it went off. He recommends an oil change at this business.


Charlotte said they did an excellent job and she was very pleased.


Good mechanics..fast service.....met owner...Great guy....even had to order a small part and deliver it to my home


Nicole said the business was great and the service was quick.


Ian said he was satisfied with the work and the people were friendly.


Dorthy said the staff was great and they were helpful. They answered all of her questions and they made sure her vehicle was safe.


Daniel said the business did a great job and he thought the dog in the facility was really cool.


Ben said the employees took care of his requests.


Charles said the business was 100 percent the best. The staff was friendly and personable. He stated he would like to thank it for the service.


Spoke with John. He said the business was very helpful


Amy said the business provided service in a timely manner, at a reasonable price


Mary said the service was done very quickly. The work was good


James said the staff were nice people and they treated him well


Leeya said the staff were very professional, clean, and nice. They gave her the very best price for the repair.


Susanne said the staff were awesome, and they provided great service


Everything was fine


Great customer service, honest, fair pricing


Judith said the business was easy to work with. They easily set her an appointment, and gave her a good quote on the price of the service. The staff did what they said they would, and were friendly and pleasant.


Verified Customer Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5 10/15/2018 Category: Service Ryan said the business helped him out with what he needed. ? Recommended


Michael said they did what they said they were going to do.


Melanie said they did a very good job.


Raymond said that the place took care of his vehicle and was nice. ? Recommended


Theodis said that he likes the business and the people.

great service

Shakoya said the service was straightforward, they didn't leave anything out and it was a great experience.


Anthony said he would recommend the business for service.

Great People

Cynthia and Bob worked hard to get the deal i needed and Alex put it all together in a bow. Thank you ..especially Cynthia you rock. Great people. Good expieriance. I will definately recommend.

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